The case was to create a video mapping with interactive elements that link to one of the Saint Petersburg’s facade sculptures, an old fearsome owl. We decided to show steps of real sculptures creation (frame making, wax model creation, metal casting, etc) as an abstraction in our visual story.

Pre-rendered Part

This part of the project runs on a permanent basis in customer’s museum, that’s why we decided to store it in a videofile and project it via special software to perform a stable installation.

Some render pieces :

Manufacturing process :

We made a simplified 3D model of a reference owl to use it in videographics creation.
Our sculpture was shaped in accordance with the model on a milling machine, the material we used was polystyrene foam.


Realtime projection streaming works on a temporary basis, made with TouchDesigner & LeapMotion. In this part of the project we used GLSL shaders and build-in nodes.

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